Burty Baker at Abingtom Park Food Fair July 2017

Abington Park Museum Food Fair July 2017

Another lovely day at the Abington Park Museum in Northampton. Our last visit here was a Vintage Fair where we had our gazebo in their courtyard. This time it was a Food Fair and our stall was inside the museum in the beautiful Victorian Room. We were placed in the corner with windows behind us which unfortunately enabled us to watch the rain outside later in the afternoon! (Thank goodness we were inside!)
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Sues Birthday Cake by Burty Baker

Sue's Birthday Cake

Another celebration cake made for a very good friend's birthday (I'm not saying how old she is!). As the cake was a gift it was designed to look like a wrapped present.
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Burty Baker at Abington Park

Abington Park Museum

A picture of our stall set up in the lovely courtyard of Abington Park Museum Northampton May 2017. We were kindly given a shaded corner so that neither us, or our products melted!
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Burty Baker at Lubbenham 03Burty Baker at Lubbenham 04Burty Baker at Lubbenham 02Burty Baker at Lubbenham 01

Lubbenham Scarecrow Festival

A few pictures of our stall at Lubbenham in September 2016
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Burty Baker Cotesbach0616

Cotesbach Sunday Market

A picture of our stall at the Cotesbach Sunday market held on June 6th.

Burty Baker Jordans Cake

Jordan's Birthday Cake

Choosing a theme for keen footballer Jordan's 13th birthday cake was quite simple. A traditional Madera cake (and football) fondant iced with a custom made printed collar showing the logo & colours of his own football team Dunton and Broughton Rangers.

The separate football was made specially for his younger brother Keegan who is sucrose intolerant. So this was made sugar-free (using 'Truvia' a sugar substitute) and sugar free jam. The Fondant icing was removed before the cake was given to him

Burty Baker Rozannas Cake

Rozanna's Cake

This is the top tier of a multi tier cake made for professional opera singer Rozanna Madylus' 30th birthday. Hand made icing rose petals and a printed collar with music from one of her favourite arias.

Burty Baker Donny & Danny Dinosaur

Donny & Danny Dinosaurs!

More novelty cakes made for friends twin son's birthday celebrations. The boys in question are 21 and 2 years old, so there is a bigger age difference than usual for twins!
Made from moist & shaped vanilla sponge with a raspberry jam filling and a coloured coating of coloured fondant icing. Fondant icing is also used for the scales and other dinosaur details.

Burty Baker 60th Birthday Cake

60th Birthday Cake

A three tiered vanilla sponge cake, fully iced and decorated for a 60th birthday party.

Burty baker Derek the Dinosaur
Derek the Dinosaur

Meet Derek the Dinosaur!

Although novelty cake making isn't our main business, here is another example of what we can do when asked!
Made from moist & shaped vanilla sponge with a raspberry jam filling and a coloured coating of all butter, butter cream. Sat on a swamp of jelly with candy stick teeth, Chocolate Mint scales, and Chocolate Bean eyes!

Derek was approximately 15 inches long and 8 - inches high.

Perfect for a Two-Year-Olds Birthday party!

We were recently commissioned to provide seven fully iced and decorated sponge cakes for the local scout groups anniversary celebrations.

We are very proud of the Food Hygiene rating we were awarded by the Environmental Health officer as it was a maximum score. Here below are our certificates.